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New Year

Ocean Shores, Washington 1/1/2018

“Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You –A Mindfulness Journal” was one of the gifts I gave myself this Christmas.   Journal writing has always been an aspiration but finding daily inspiration has been elusive.  There are no numbered pages in this journal, just a collection of inspiration and prompts for an everyday practice of mindfulness.

And so, fitting for today are Rumi’s words and a quick trip to Ocean Shores on the coast of Washington. After two quick trips to the airport to send one child and retrieve another, I left Seahurst just as the sun was rising over Mt. Rainier casting a warm pink glow on the thick fog that blanketed the road ahead.

Within a few hours I was at the beach where it was clear, cold, and bright with only sheer wispy clouds.  I drove straight to the beach access road and parked illegally, I bundled up in my pink wool coat and grabbed by gear.  As I walked towards the water I marveled at endless miles of shoreline.  The wind whipped through the sea grass and the waves danced wildly as if celebrating the freedom of a new day.


The power of intention led me to this place and journey for the year has begun.

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